How to access your new Clipping Path India account and previous orders and invoices

Your account information and images from the old customer portal are also available in the new one. Find out how to activate your account and access your old info in the new portal.

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Welcome to your new Clipping Path India customer portal! It’s been designed to make it easier for you to place new orders, review past orders, and upload/download your image files.

Once you activate your Clipping Path India account for the new portal, you’ll be able to access your orders and invoices from the old portal. If you have more than one order associated with your account from the past six months, we’ve also created quote(s) for you which you can use to place new orders.

First you need to activate your Clipping Path India account to be able to access the new portal.

Activate your Clipping Path India account

There are two ways you can activate your new Clipping Path India account:

  1. Check your email. You should have received an invitation with a link to activate your account. Click on that link and follow the steps to choose a password and activate your new account. Can’t find the email? Remember to check your spam folder.
  2. Create a new account with the same email address associated with your original Clipping Path India account. All of your past orders and invoices will be automatically synced to your new account.

Find existing orders and orders in progress

After you’ve logged in to your account, the main menu should look like this:

Clipping Path India main menu in your account

Click on MY ORDERS. Here, you should see a list of all of your current and past orders.

Look in the Status column to see whether your orders have been completed (if that’s the case, you can download your edited images) or if they are still in progress.

Place new orders similar to previous orders

In the old customer portal, an order could be submitted without a quote or invoice. We’ve changed that, and now an order must be placed using a quote or an order template.

If you’ve had more than one order since October 2017, we’ve already created a quote (or quotes) for you in your new account. We’ve created these based on your previous orders. To find these prepared quotes, navigate to QUOTES in the main menu.

Note: You may notice that pricing may vary from the previous customer portal. We’ve developed a new price list and introduced the option to purchase Edit Credits. We’re also giving you more flexibility to adjust turnaround times and lower the cost that way.

Access invoices from your original account

In the main menu, navigate to BILLING.

In the main menu, navigate to BILLING

Scroll down until you see a section titled INVOICES FROM YOUR ORIGINAL ACCOUNT. Here, you’ll find your previous invoices from the old customer portal. To view invoice details, click on the invoice number.

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