Clipping Path India and COVID-19

Last updated: Tuesday April 14, 2020

As you are probably aware, the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has been deemed a global pandemic. 

Turnaround times are back to normal

We’re happy to announce that our production team has gotten output back to normal — we’re so proud of our team of designers who have adapted to the circumstances and still deliver consistent quality edits. We’re all working from home on secure network connections.

These are the steps we’re taking to work together to get your edits to you on time while keeping our team safe:

  • Remote office setup. We’ve set up home workstations for team members to help flatten the curve.
  • Education and awareness. We’ve shared information with all employees about the virus and how to prevent its spread. Staff who feel sick are mandated to stay home and will still receive their annual salary.
  • Support numbers. We’ve collected and shared emergency hotline numbers for our Bangladesh-based employees. If you are also in Bangladesh and need to contact health authorities with coronavirus-related concerns, please use the following hotline numbers: 
    • 01401184551
    • 01401184554
    • 01401184555
    • 01401184556
    • 01401184559
    • 01401184560
    • 01401184563
    • 01401184568
    • 01927711784
    • 01927711785
    • 01937000011
    • 01937110011
  • Internal task force. We’ve created an internal team dedicated to organizing these efforts and providing advice to any employees who have concerns about the ongoing situation.

Check back for updates. And hang in there! We’re all in this together. 

Atiqur Sumon – CEO and founder

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