How to request a quote

Here’s how to request a new quote from Clipping Path India for your next image-editing project. You'll receive your quote within 45 minutes of submitting your request.


Finding the quote request form

First, click GET QUOTE in the main header of the website (or you can click here to get a new quote).

Finding Clipping Path India quote request form

Filling out the quote request form

Then, fill out the form with your first and last names and email address.

Filling out Clipping Path India quote request form

Quick tip: You can also change the settings to see pricing in your local currency. Look for the drop-down menu in the upper right corner to select the right one.

Select which image-editing services you need from the following list:

Clipping path

Hand-drawn digital photo cut-out; used for background removal; also known as deep etching service, photo cut-out, closed vector path or shape

Multi-clipping path

Select individual areas within an image; helpful if you need a color correction applied to your image

Image masking

Remove the background from images that have subjects with hair or fur

Ghost mannequin

Make clothing and accessories appear more lifelike

Drop shadow

Add depth and texture; drop shadow, natural shadow, existing/cast shadow or floating shadow and reflections

Photo retouching

Makes your images sharper and more refined

Color variation

Create product images for all color variations of a single product

Vector conversion

Raster to vector file conversion done by hand

Choose one or more Clipping Path India services

If you’re not sure which image-editing service you need, contact us.

Let us know how many images you need edited. You can either type this number in manually or use the arrows to go up or down.

How many images do you need a quote for?

Let us know whether you need your images resized, or if the original size is okay.

Do you need your images resized?If you need your images resized (this is helpful if you need a uniform size to upload product photos to Amazon, for example), enter the new dimensions. Again, you can type these numbers manually or use the up/down arrows.

Write image size in width and height

Finally, let us know if you have any additional comments.

Additional comments option

Submitting the quote request form

Then, click SUBMIT QUOTE (in the lower right corner underneath the additional comments box).

Uploading sample image(s)

Next, you’ll be taken to a page where you can upload a sample image for us to assess your needs and give you an accurate price estimate.

There are two ways you can upload your sample image:

Drag and drop: Drag the image files from your computer and drop them into the box.
Click to select: Click anywhere within the box, and you’ll be able to choose the image file from your computer.

We’ll email you with a quote in 45 minutes or less. If you haven’t received anything in that period of time, remember to check your spam folder! If you still haven’t received one, contact us.

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